Self-Love is the Path - 2/21/19

As a culture in the West, we are trained to hate ourselves from a very young age. The training is sometimes very subtle and others time hugely traumatic, but hate ourselves we do.

How does this occur? Our parents and society have no idea how to nurture the authentic essence of children. And because of this they demand that we, as children, conform to certain rules and regulations – thousands of them – which are determined from outside the child. They tell the child to deny their internal authoritative referencing and because we want our parents love, we have to deny the information that receive from our own bodies in favor of that of their parents or society’s dictates.

So we spent the rest of their lives trying to deny our own inner urges which is painful for the Soul and try to live someone else’s conception of Reality which is completely impossible. So we, as a species, are mainly frustrated with Life.

Realizing that this is how you are living is the first step. The next is to begin to accept who you are regardless of what others think of you. This doesn’t mean you treat others poorly, it just means that you are your best source of information for how you’re doing and you really don’t need someone else’s opinion about it.

This is self-love – honoring who you are in every moment, honoring what your body tells you in every moment and realizing that the way humans learn is by making mistakes. Mistakes don’t make you a bad person, they make you a more well-rounded person - a person capable of solving problems and thinking for yourself.

Try a little self-love today. Take a nice bath, sit down with nothing to do and just be with yourself, read a fun book, honor the fact that you’re a nervous wreck and need so “me” time. The path to enlightenment is paved with self-love. It’s messy, emotional, requires great vulnerability and crazy as hell in a good way, but at least it’s authentic.