1. Shamanic Energy Work
          In office Healing Sessions w/Jim - $200 / 60-90 minutes
          Distance Healing Sessions w/Jim - $150 / 60-90 minutes
          Munay-Ki - free (done in office during healing session)
2. Energy Tune-Up
Healing Session w/Jim - $80 / 60 minutes
3. Reiki Session
          Five Element Reiki Healing Session w/Jim - $100 / 75 minutes
Traditional Reiki Healing Session w/Jim - $80 / 60 minutes
4. Frequencies of Brilliance w/Jim
          Stage One (Initiatory Session) - $40 / 60 minutes
          Mapped Session - $150 / 90 minutes
          Emergency Session (6 mapped sessions over 2 days) - $400
5. Crystal Bowl Meditation (Contact us)
Forty-five minute Meditation w/ Jim and/orJill - $45

Overview of Energy Work

If we examine the basic components of what constitutes a physical body we realize that we are made up of atoms, and based on quantum physics those atoms are really just packets of energy. So, in essence, our bodies are constructed from trillions upon trillions of packets of energy. What indigenous cultures and many modern-day healers know is that working with the energetic components of our being have a much greater effect on our health than simply focusing on the physical body.

As an example, imagine a river flowing thousands of miles from source to the ocean with the river being a mile wide when it meets the ocean, if a hand is put in the river where it is a mile wide, it does nothing to effect the flow of the river. However, if a hand is put in front of the place where the river springs from the ground, it can actually change the course of the whole river with little effort and substantial changes to the surrounding landscape.

We are like the river. However, as we were growing up others judged our flow from our source as inappropriate so we actually put our own hand in front of our own source so that we would flow according to how those around us found acceptable. Every time a parent (teacher/authority figure, etc.) said “No!” to our spontaneous arising of energy, we had to begin denying that part of our self to assure that we would be liked by the adults around us. At a young age, this was the only way to survive: by creating patterns of behavior that kept us safe in the presence of others. In essence, we learned that having behaviors that wee 180 degrees from what we really want to do was more appropriate and safer than what we really wanted to be doing.

As adults, we are still running these patterns, but they were constructed by a three- or four-old and they really don’t work in an adult world. It takes a tremendous amount of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy to maintain these “safety-providing” / self-denying programs and over time this energy expenditure results in the breakdown of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems. This breakdown results in disease and dysfunction at all four of these levels.

The work that we provide helps facilitate the release of these ineffectual “safety”/behavioral patterns allowing the energy bound within them to be freed up for other uses. This releases pressure within all the systems and the spontaneous expression of an individual’s energy begins to occur naturally again. In essence, we help you take your hand away from your source and your river flows back into the channel it was originally meant to take.