Realization Process w/ Jim - $50.00 / 30 minutes
$90.00 / 60 minutes

Who Is This For

I will use Judith Blackstone’s own words to describe the work she has so beautifully developed:

The Realization Process is a series of practices for opening the body, heart and mind to nondual reality. In this approach, the radical openness of nondual awakening is found through inward contact with the internal space of your body. In this way, you uncover a quality-rich, authentic experience of yourself as an individual at the same time as you transcend your individuality. You uncover the ground of your being as the luminous transparency of fundamental consciousness, pervading your body and environment as a unity.

The Realization Process practices attune directly to the pervasive spaciousness of fundamental consciousness and to the subtle channel that runs through the vertical core of the body.  They prepare you to let go of your habitual grip on yourself throughout your whole body and being, so that fundamental consciousness can spontaneously emerge.

I have been certified in two of the three full teacher certifications: embodiment and meditation with plans on being certified in the Healing Ground work this fall. Let me help you explore the foundation of your Being.