There is a revolution, or if we may be so bold, an evolution, occurring on the planet at this time that is unlike anything that has happened before. It is an evolution of consciousness wherein the infinite aspects of our Being are landing within the human heart resulting in a fully-embodied, witness consciousness on a 24/7 basis (See the page on Trillium Awakening). In the old schools of conscious awareness training this phenomenon was considered a grace given to a few chosen individuals each generation.

However, currently it is happening as an everyday occurrence to people of all walks of life. Many don’t even realize that something extraordinary has happened, they just experience a shift in the way they experience the world around them and continue living their lives from this new perspective without thought of seeking any other internal changes. Yet many find that their lives begin to take a more “spiritual” turn and begin seeking answers to questions about the deeper nature. The question “Who Am I?” arises and the answer “I’m a physical being and that’s it.” no longer satisfies a hungry heart that knows there are depths of Being that are yearning to be explored and experience.

In time one lands in the peace and stillness that is the center of their Being and realizes that they are truly an expression of the divine nature that underlies physical reality; that they reside in the center of their soul and that their body is simply a physical expression of that divinity.