Our Mission

  • Is to provide a sacred space that allows an individual to explore aspects of his/her self so that he/she may redirect the energy typically required to hold old habitual patterns of behavior and belief with the result that this energy can now be used toward the creative expression of your true self unhindered by past experience or trauma.

  • To help in the transformation of all our relations (stone, plant, animal and human) and consequently bring about the transformation of the whole planet.

Center Of The Soul

The concept of the Center of the Soul or COTS came to me (Jim) in the ‘90’s while I was still doing academic research. At that time I felt a need to incorporate both the logical aspects of the left brain with the more intuitive skills of the right brain and heart in the exploration of human diseases. I didn’t see how at that time and it has taken over a decade to receive the necessary training to make such a center a reality – to make it a place where people can come to experience those deeper levels of themselves in a safe and comfortable way. A place where human disease or imbalance can be addressed and transformed.

James Trofatter

Even though I have an extensive education in the sciences (B.S. in Zoology – Duke University; M.S. in Development and Differential Cell Biology– Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; Ph.D. in Medical and Molecular Genetics– Indiana University), I have always felt that there is an underlying mystery below the surface of reality that cannot be explained by the reductionist approach that the scientific method uses to explain phenomena. After I left my assistant professor position in the Department of Psychiatry at the Indiana University Medical School, I delved more deeply into how to explore and experience these deeper aspects of reality.

This led me initially along two major pathways: 1) the exploration of conscious embodiment through the teachings of Saniel Bonder and now the Trillium Awakening community in which I am currently an Interning Teacher; and 2) the exploration of the levels of reality and the Healing the Light Body as taught by the Four Winds Society which includes the shamanic practices brought to the United States from Peru by Alberto Villoldo. My training has now expanded to include: the work of Dr. Mikao Usui and Reiki (levels 1 & 2); the work of Christine Day and the Frequencies of Brilliance (level 1-3) that allows an explore of the levels of one’s own Being; the work of Richard Bartlett and Matrix Energetics (levels 1 & 2) that allows one to play within the quantum field of reality; and the Dying Consciously work taught by Linda Fitch of the Four Winds Society and the Institute of Energy Medicine that allows one to make the transition from this plane of reality to the inner worlds in a conscious manner.

Jill Murrell (Not available for shamanic work until further notice.)

Associate Professor in the Departments of Pathology and Medical and Molecular Genetics at the Indiana University School of Medicine. I received my Ph.D. in Medical and Molecular Genetics at Indiana University in 1992. Teaching graduates students and researching genetic causes of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer Disease keeps me pretty busy however my true love is to explore beyond those boundaries to find out who I am through interactions with nature and others.

I am not much of a spiritual seeker. I’d rather go with the flow and experience what comes up at the time. This process has led me to 1) community theater to express different aspects of myself, 2) conscious embodiment through the teachings of Saniel Bonder and now the Trillium Awakening community which provides a foundation of Being and growth through allowing, and 3) exploration of consciousness and levels of reality through Healing the Light Body, Dying Consciously (Four Winds Society), and Matrix Energetics modalities. This has been and continues to be quite an amazing journey. I am truly blessed to be on this path and enjoy every minute in empowering others on their journey