New Beginnings at Center of the Soul

The new year is a time for new beginnings and this has really hit home with me this year. Nine months after shutting down a thriving business in Indianapolis to move east to my birth state of New Jersey, I have finally gotten my new office open to the public.

It’s a much larger space than before. It has a huge common area where people can congregate, listen to music and read from my magazines or the numerous books I’ve brought in from my extensive library. I have two smaller rooms, one of which is the size of my whole business that I had in Indy. That is my new client space. For now the other room is a meditation room and a place I can give private yoga lessons to people.

So this is my new beginning. I have a beauty office space, but no one is walking through my door. I have to put myself out there for people to see me. And as the people in Indy know, i didn’t do that there. All the people who came to me were from either word of mouth or from finding my website. But now I have to market myself as a Shamanic Healer. A little frightening and yet exhilarating at the same time. How does one market oneself without sounding egotistic or arrogant about one’s skill set and capabilities?

And this is part of my new beginning also. Having to learn the ins and outs of social media. I just don’t want to contribute to the clutter that is already out there, but if I want people to find me, they have to know that I exist. So first I’ve put my name on a number of shamanic practitioner sites: Shamanic Practice (, The Four Winds Society (, and The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ( I’ve also registered with a new holistic wellness organization called daocloud. Name recognition is what it’s all about, so that’s what I’m doing - getting my name out there. So I’ll be blogging on a more regular basis..

Now I have to tackle Facebook, Twitter and Youtube as well as getting my newsletter on a regular schedule. Be patient with me.

Lots of love to everyone and have a great day.