What do I Want From My Spiritual Path – 3/5/19

What do I want from my spiritual path? This is one of the most important questions we should ask on our journey, but rarely do or at least, only have a partial answer that we can quickly roll off our tongue without having to think about it if someone asks us this very question.

Most of have the idea that we want to be enlightened, but what exactly does that mean? I have idea of enlightenment and you probably have your idea of what enlightenment is, and I bet they’re don’t look a thing alike. For me enlightenment means experiencing Ultimate Truth, but something I read recently by Bernadette Roberts indicates that when I get to Ultimate Truth, there will no longer be a Me to experience it. Well, bummer. Yet is still what I want. Yet, the thing is that Ultimate Truth cannot be understood by the conscious mind or even the subconscious mind. Well, bummer again. Still going there.

So take some time to sit down with your goals regarding your spiritual path. By defining where you want to end up, by being very specific about your aspirations, it sets your internal compass in the right direction, it narrows your focus of what is important for you to explore in order to move forward. You subconscious and conscious minds will now be on the lookout for teachings, people, paths, whatever that will enable you to fulfill that goal. Each next step seems to arrive just when you need it, but won’t arrive before you are ready for it.

Without a clear goal, your mind doesn’t really know what to look for and you’ll wander around like a ship without a rudder sailing in circles for all eternity or at least the rest of this lifetime. You’ll taste one teaching after another without making any seemingly making any headway. This will give you a broad knowledge base, but knowledge is not necessarily Truth. Yet, all this knowledge may be exactly what you need to help define what you want, because it will probably tell you what you don’t actually what. There really are no wrong turns here.

If you reach your goal, hallelujah!! You can now sit on your butt until you get bored and set a new goal which means that you’ll have at least five minutes of happiness. As a friend of my experienced during a spiritual realization recently, the deeper levels of our Being just want to experience. It doesn’t matter what, just experience. It’s the most human of activities and what consciousness wants to do in a physical body.