1. Private Yoga Lesson w/ Jim - $60.00 / 60 minutes
    $80.00 / 90 minutes
    *** Bring a friend and split the cost.

Who Is This For

Yoga is all the craze now and yoga studios are popping up like Dunkin’ Donuts here in South Jersey. I have found though that very few really spend the time to teach their students the actual fundamentals of the poses. With so many people in the classes and the need to meet all the students’ needs and levels, it just is not practical to do so. So many people start a yoga practice but become frustrated because the classes move too fast and the poses are not explained. In addition, most people feel embarrassed to ask for clarification, so the continued frustration builds to the point that you never return to the mat. This is a tragedy. Yoga is a wonderful practice and it should be available to everyone, not just the super bendy and the really strong.

I offer to teach you the fundamental basics of the yoga asanas (poses) so that you don’t have to figure out what the teachers are asking you to do in the general vinyasa or hatha classes. I will show you in a gentle way in a private setting that yoga is accessible to you and that it can actually be enjoyable. Trust me, even though I’m a yoga teacher, my hamstrings are still tight as piano wires. It takes time to really let go in the practice, so in order to feel the long term benefits, you need to be persistent in getting on your mat. Let me help you get through the frustration.

Special Note: To you men out there whose significant others (wife, girlfriend, whatever) has been pushing (perhaps nagging) you to do yoga with them, but you’re like “No way. Yoga is for wimps. It doesn’t involve any strength.”, but you’re really thinking “There is no way I am going to embarrass myself in front of a bunch of bendy women.” Let me tell you it requires a boat-load of strength. Learning the yoga poses in a private way allows you to not be so self-conscious in the early stages of the practice because you’re worried that all the girls in the class think you look dorky. Take some lessons, learn the basics and wow them when you walk in the studio the first time and say this is my first class and you nail it. Your significant other will be ecstatic and you’ll actually end up being addicted to the practice.

I am a RYT 200 trained yoga teacher with 80 hours of Yin training.