1. Crystal Bowl Meditation (Contact us)
    Forty-five minute Meditation w/ Jim and/orJill - $45

Crystal Bowl Meditations

Everything in the universe vibrates at a specific energetic/light and sound frequency including the human body and all the complexities therein. Resonance is the frequency of vibration which a particular object/body naturally exist. When all parts of a body are healthy, that is, each cell resonates at its appropriate frequency, then that body is healthy. When one or more parts of the body do not resonate at their appropriate frequency then the whole body becomes disharmonious and disease arises.

Each of the seven chakras vibrates at a particular frequency and can be designated by notes on an octave scale ranging from C in the root chakra to B in the crown chakra. This also corresponds to the color of the rainbow with red being in the root chakra and purple in the crown chakra. When the chakras become blocked or collapse, the flow of the energy in the body is impeded and we experience symptoms of fatigue and sickness.

The lead crystal bowls that we have are designed around the octave scale. They help to re-align each chakra back to its appropriate frequency which allows the whole body to begin resonating in a harmonious fashion thus allowing the proper flow of energy to resume in the body.

A typical meditation with the bowls last between 35-45 minutes and involves either playing one bowl at a time starting with the root chakra and moving upwards or could involve playing multiple bowls at once. Either way allows an opening and clearing of the chakra system and brings a sense of calm to the body.