Working with Jim was the most important part in healing my past experiences AND in understanding my own emotional states. He holds the space for me and enables me to safely access areas of my life that would normally be too uncomfortable to enter. Nobody really teaches us how to deal with our emotions and traumas and Jim continues to teach me how to process both basic as well as very deeply seated emotions and experiences. What he offers is so incredibly rare and powerful. I’ve worked with Jim for over a year now and the energetic shift he has helped facilitate is incredible. Thank you!” Katarina S. - 2019 (Yoga Essence Project)

“I was lucky enough to find Jim early on in my spiritual journey. He was attending my Friday night yoga class for months before I realized he did shamanic work! I started seeing him about twice a month for energy work and soul retrieval work. It changed my life and had shaped everything that I am doing now.

Jim has a gift for helping you get right to the bottom of whatever is bothering you. It's his superpower. I often went in for a session thinking... I don't know why I am here, everything is going well. And five minutes into the session, I was deep inside of a clearing.

As a result of working with him, I am able to hold a more neutral space for myself and for others. After just a few sessions, I would notice my reaction to what used to make me upset or angry just simply not there anymore. I have a deep sense of peace in my heart and am easily able to handle any ups and downs that come my way.

I highly recommend Jim to anyone interested in working on themselves for any reason.” - Laura H. - 2019 (It’s You, Guru)