1. Phone, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or in-person session with Jim -  $50 / 30 minutes

    - $90 / 60 minutes

Who Is This For

In today’s fast-paced world there are times when we pause and wonder if there is anything more that the constant activity, the constant accumulating, the constant need to please ourselves and others. When we take the time to sit with this pause, this silence, we recognize that the longing we have inside is for a deeper connection with God, Goddess, the Divine, the Sacred, the Universe, Nature, whatever name you it. And we recognize that all the activity of our life covers over this longing and the pain it brings to our hearts.

This is our spiritual nature - to search for that connection that we lost as little children when we told we were supposed to grow up, to act like adults. But this yearning is always there and most of us don’t know how to go about finding someone who can help bring clarity on what we’re actually looking for. So we spend our lives seeking. This spiritual teaching, that spiritual teaching, but it never seems to get us there.

And it never will. The path you are looking for is your authentic connection not someone else’s As long as you try to imitate someone else’s path you will always be disappointed and always searching.

Let me help you find your path, your authentic self.