Life Coaching


  1. Phone, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or in-person session with Jim -  $50 / 30 minutes

    - $90 / 60 minutes

Who Is This For

There are times in our life when we feel drift and not sure how to take that next step. The world seems overwhelming and nobody seems to have our back when we most need it. We can easily get lost in our thoughts that tell us “We can’t.” “We’re not capable.” “We’re not smart enough.”

Part of the work that I do is to reframe how we look at that inner critic and look at what s/he is pointing way from within us. That is what we want to identify. Those beautiful qualities of ourselves that we’re protecting, that we’re trying to keep safe. Once we realize what actually is going on in our heads, we can make deep in-roads to working cooperative with our mind connecting it back to our heart. This is when the magic begins.

Coaching and mentoring additionally helps to empower you to focus on the priorities at hand and to provide you with the next steps in your journey. Because if we look at the whole road ahead of us, we’d probably not take that first step. But the more single steps we take in a clear and focused manner, the faster we can reach our goals.