1. Shamanic Energy Work
          In office Healing Sessions w/Jim - $200 / 60-90 minutes
          Distance Healing Sessions w/Jim - $125 / 60-90 minutes
          Munay-Ki - free (done in office during healing session)
2. Energy Tune-Up
Healing Session w/Jim - $80 / 60 minutes
3. Reiki Session
          Five Element Reiki Healing Session w/Jim - $100 / 75 minutes
Traditional Reiki Healing Session w/Jim - $80 / 60 minutes (FREE Until April 15, 2019)
4. Frequencies of Brilliance w/Jim
          Stage One (Initiatory Session) - $40 / 60 minutes
          Mapped Session - $150 / 90 minutes
          Emergency Session (6 mapped sessions over 2 days) - $400
5. Crystal Bowl Meditation (Contact us)
Forty-five minute Meditation w/ Jim and/orJill - $45

Overview of Energy Work

If we examine the basic components of what constitutes a physical body we realize that we are made up of atoms, and based on quantum physics those atoms are really just packets of energy. So, in essence, our bodies are constructed from trillions upon trillions of packets of energy. What indigenous cultures and many modern-day healers know is that working with the energetic components of our being have a much greater effect on our health than simply focusing on the physical body.

As an example, imagine a river flowing thousands of miles from source to the ocean with the river being a mile wide when it meets the ocean, if a hand is put in the river where it is a mile wide, it does nothing to effect the flow of the river. However, if a hand is put in front of the place where the river springs from the ground, it can actually change the course of the whole river with little effort and substantial changes to the surrounding landscape.

We are like the river. However, as we were growing up others judged our flow from our source as inappropriate so we actually put our own hand in front of our own source so that we would flow according to how those around us found acceptable. Every time a parent (teacher/authority figure, etc.) said “No!” to our spontaneous arising of energy, we had to begin denying that part of our self to assure that we would be liked by the adults around us. At a young age, this was the only way to survive: by creating patterns of behavior that kept us safe in the presence of others. In essence, we learned that having behaviors that wee 180 degrees from what we really want to do was more appropriate and safer than what we really wanted to be doing.

As adults, we are still running these patterns, but they were constructed by a three- or four-old and they really don’t work in an adult world. It takes a tremendous amount of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy to maintain these “safety-providing” / self-denying programs and over time this energy expenditure results in the breakdown of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems. This breakdown results in disease and dysfunction at all four of these levels.

The work that we provide helps facilitate the release of these ineffectual “safety”/behavioral patterns allowing the energy bound within them to be freed up for other uses. This releases pressure within all the systems and the spontaneous expression of an individual’s energy begins to occur naturally again. In essence, we help you take your hand away from your source and your river flows back into the channel it was originally meant to take.



Shamanic Energy Work 

The Peruvian medicine people, the Laika (The Ancient Ones) or Q’ero see humans as a Luminous Energy Field (LEF) that surrounds and penetrates the physical body as a large torus that is connected to the body via the chakra system. Seven of these chakras are the same as those seen in Hindu systems while the 8th chakra resides just above the crown of the head and contains the Soul and blueprint for our bodies. The 9th chakra is Spirit, which underlies all of existence. In this system we can access all nine chakras. Alex Gray’s magnificent energy drawings are excellent examples of how the Laiki see us.

In the ideal situation in which a person has no history of trauma or abuse in their past, the energy of one’s Being would flow uninhibited through this energy torus nurturing the physical with Light having all the chakras spinning in a clockwise manner. However, humans have an extensive history of trauma. Just being raised in our culture causes traumas of varying degrees. This causes condensations to arise within the LEF, which distort the energy flow. We like to think of them as the “Buttons” that other people can push causing us to react in some manner. These “Buttons” are linked into the chakra system so that when they are pushed some of chakras begin to spin counter-clockwise. This counter-spinning throws us immediately off balance – we feel out of whack - and in truth we are. Our energy flow is disrupted and we feel drained.

Our basic technique is called an Illumination in which we identify a “Button” or just see where you are in your life and then determine which chakras are being affected. We then begin to clean out those chakras to remove energies that do not belong in them. While we are doing this, other energies begin to make themselves known in the LEF calling for specific actions on our part.

These actions may take the form of:

  • Removing energies stuck on specific body regions

  • (ex. Armor, shackles, etc.)

  • Removing a foreign energy found moving inside the LEF

  • Journeying to find healed parts of the soul that fled intense trauma

  • Tracking down ineffectual contracts that underlie the decision process

  • Negotiating the release from energetic group contracts

  • Cutting energy ties to other individuals who are draining energy

When we are done with these other tasks we finish cleaning the chakras and then bring light from our or the individual’s 8th chakra to fill in the energetic void created by the cleaning. This has the affect of changing the “Button” so it either doesn’t exist anymore or it changes how one responds to the “Button” being pushed.

Jim and Jill are graduates of the Healing the Light Body School administrated by the Four Winds Society. For more information about Healing the Light Body and the Four Winds Society go to


The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about this time as a period of great transformation, a time to make an extraordinary difference in the world. They foretell of a new human appearing on the planet – a person of wisdom and power who lives free of fear and abides in their eternal nature, acceptingstewardship for all creation.

The Rites of the Munay-Ki transform and upgrade your luminous energy field. They are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past-your karmic & genetic inheritance. They re-inform your DNA, enabling you to grow a new body-one that ages, heals, and dies differently. The Munay-Ki is your invitation to dream an entire new world into being. (Introduction from the Munay-Ki website.)

There are Nine Rites of Passage or Becoming:

  1. Healer’s Rite

  2. Bands of Power

  3. Harmony Rite

  4. Seer’s Rite

  5. Daykeeper’s Rite

  6. Wisdomkeeper’s Rite

  7. Earthkeeper’s Rite

  8. Starkeeper’s Rite

  9. Creator Rite

The Munay-Ki rites are given free of charge. They are a gift from the South American elders to us. Jill and Jim can both administer these rites.

For more information and history about the Munay-Ki rites go to

Energy Tune-Up

Some days our energy gets seems to get out of whack: we’re disoriented and feel way out of balance. With an energy tune-up you get your chakras cleaned, balance and rotated (an Illumination from the Shamanic Work) as well as a bunch of reiki and other energy work to get you purring like a cat again. When your energy is balanced and the chakras spinning unhindered, there is a free flow of energy along the subtle core of your body and you feel buoyant, calm and peaceful. In addition, you will get some Shamanic singing to help enliven your body and energetic field. It’s a full sensory experience.

Five Element Reiki

The concepts and teachings behind the Five Element theory (Wu Xing) are fundamental to Eastern medicine (Traditional Chinese medicine) and spiritual philosophy. At the physical level, each of the five elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal) is simply a particular way in which our life force energy (chi) manifests itself in order to accomplish a particular task that is necessary for our existence. When we fail to take in these energies our life becomes imbalanced and we suffer at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of our Being.

The original use of Reiki used the Five Element approach to bring about restoration of balance. This approach incorporates the twelve meridans (Officials) as well as the organ systems in a manner that brings a more holistic application of Reiki than the one  in which energy is simply channelled passive to the body. This is not about forcing energy, that would be counterproductive to the whole process, but provides a more focused application of the energies to all levels of the body.

Creation and Control Cycles

Creation and Control Cycles

Frequencies Of Brilliance

This a powerful, multi-dimensional energy work that supports us in connecting more fully with our divine uniqueness. This allows us to let go of limiting beliefs, feelings and behaviors that have created tension, pain, and illness in our lives.

The FOB healing process operates on the basis that we are more the third-dimensional beings that we have been told we are by conventional wisdom. Working beyond this illusion allows us to open up to more profound aspects of our Self. This makes it possible for deeper healing to take place because it is the light of the Self, healing the self. The beautiful part about this work is that it bypasses the ego mind and without the ego mind to interfere greater healing potential is made possible during the session.

We each have within us, a pure unlimited potential for living, loving and healing ourselves. The Frequencies work activates this potential by connecting us more fully to our "divine uniqueness". It is from this connection that we bring more conscious presence, joy and health into our lives.

Because each of us is different, no two sessions are the same. Changes take place with every session, and as each session is completed it is as though you are moving into a new beginning for yourself. You will continue to birth yourself from the energy of each session for days, and possibly weeks afterwards. You will be healing and unfolding within yourself, birthing into a new understanding of truth and clarity. There is an ongoing connection from each session that will continue to create healing for you.

There are currently nineteen Stages of the Frequencies. Jim has been trained in Stages 1 -3. Though Jim has been initiated into Stage 3 work, he cannot initiate others into Stage 3 at this time.

For further information regarding Frequencies of Brilliance and Christine Day please explore the following site:

Crystal Bowl Meditations

Everything in the universe vibrates at a specific energetic/light and sound frequency including the human body and all the complexities therein. Resonance is the frequency of vibration which a particular object/body naturally exist. When all parts of a body are healthy, that is, each cell resonates at its appropriate frequency, then that body is healthy. When one or more parts of the body do not resonate at their appropriate frequency then the whole body becomes disharmonious and disease arises.

Each of the seven chakras vibrates at a particular frequency and can be designated by notes on an octave scale ranging from C in the root chakra to B in the crown chakra. This also corresponds to the color of the rainbow with red being in the root chakra and purple in the crown chakra. When the chakras become blocked or collapse, the flow of the energy in the body is impeded and we experience symptoms of fatigue and sickness.

The lead crystal bowls that we have are designed around the octave scale. They help to re-align each chakra back to its appropriate frequency which allows the whole body to begin resonating in a harmonious fashion thus allowing the proper flow of energy to resume in the body.

A typical meditation with the bowls last between 35-45 minutes and involves either playing one bowl at a time starting with the root chakra and moving upwards or could involve playing multiple bowls at once. Either way allows an opening and clearing of the chakra system and brings a sense of calm to the body.

Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics is a healing technology that is formulated on the understanding that all matter is composed of atoms, and atoms, in turn, according to concepts and laws of quantum physics are basically packets of energy / light / information that can take on any configuration within space. The reason we don’t observe our human bodies and surrounding reality morphing into various shapes is because consciousness (our ego-minds) have entrenched belief systems that vastly limit the potential forms that those bodies and reality can take. We have expectations that from day to day we remain basically the state of physical being, thus, for example, disease states that we expect to be there will remain. These states become further entrenched when others reinforce their conscious intent on our current state of being. Matrix Energetics approaches our basic nature of energy / light / information as infinitely flexible and therefore by simply getting out of our own way (minds) any possible formation of our bodies can instantly replace our current formation. It starts with a gentle light touch and the power of focused intent which then allows transformation to take place at the quantum level with the energy / light / information that creates all of reality and results in observable changes at the macro level in physical reality. 

Matrix Energetics shows us how we can consciously choose to observe in a different way. As a natural extension of changing our way of perceiving, our old reality collapses and new possibilities materialize instantly. Physical and emotional conditions can be resolved quickly. There are no barriers to the expression of this energy and there are no limitations for it. According to modern physicists, all reality can be described as vibrations and waveform patterns, that everything is light and information. Biological information fields form an active, constantly resonating matrix.

This matrix and its interconnections provide for a continuum for rapid, coherent intercommunication throughout the body. The vibrations and waveforms in this matrix can be changed, meaning that anyone can collapse the current reality such as an injury pattern or some stuck situation within the body or emotions and introduce one of many other new possibilities that are more useful. Disease may be defined as a disruption, cessation or distortion arising in the matrix of these information fields. Physical and emotional injuries impair communication at the cellular level.

Both of us are practitioners at Levels 1 & 2. For more information about Matrix Energetics and Richard Bartlett please explore the following site: